Reset into Clarity and Confidence


Proven practices that improve mental focus, clarity, and confidence; while reducing stress, sleep challenges, and anxiety.

  • Do you find yourself stressed or anxious about the future, or how things will turn out?
  • Have you been feeling burnt out, unable to focus or tap into your full creative potential?
  • Are you unable to “turn off” restless thoughts and experience deep and restful sleep?
  • Are your personal and professional relationships affected because of the stress or exhaustion you feel?
Stress is an evolutionary response that was originally built to help us survive. The heightened state of feelings; the intensity of your inner experience; and adrenaline that kicks in was designed to help you fight or take flight…from a saber toothed tiger; or other dangerous existential threat.

This feeling was meant to be temporary – once the danger passed; our body was designed to calm down to experience a state of homeostasis and harmony.

The challenge of our present lives is that the stressor isn’t a wild tiger lurking in the bushes or a life-threatening experience. It’s our phones and apps lighting up incessantly with notifications; bosses/clients demanding a response; stacks of bills needing to be paid; unhealed or repressed trauma; the constant news cycle perpetuating scary narratives on loop; or the drone of an incessant media that says you’re not good enough the way you are.

Left unaddressed this heightened state wears down our mental, emotional, and physical states. It makes it difficult to connect to the source of power and clarity that is within us. As a result you may feel less focused; anxious; irritable; and an inability to focus or concentrate on tasks. It can also manifest as sleep challenges or mood imbalances.

Your Session Experience:

Surface what needs healing: I will ask you three questions that help surface the deepest challenges and limiting beliefs you are working through at the present moment.

Your responses allow me to design a rejuvenating, clarifying, and healing experience around your specific needs.

We spend the first part of the session reviewing your responses and how the practices you will learn are specifically designed to address and overcome your stated challenges.

These evidence-based breath and movement practices are designed to activate mind-body communication pathways that raise energy, regulate mood, enhance performance, and help dissolve physical and emotional pain.

The benefits are typically felt immediately; and are lasting with practice. Your experience will equip you with the tools to tap into your inner peace, intuition, and voice of clarity.

It will conclude with a guided meditation designed specifically for you—created to balance and harmonize your nervous system; and connect you with a felt source of power and clarity that has always been within you.

Results you can expect:

  1. Heightened mental clarity, focus, and intuition for improved creative, professional, and athletic performance.
  2. Manage and reduce feelings of anxiety through strengthening of your stress response system.
  3. Improved sleep by reduction in feelings of restlessness.
  4. Improved relationships through elevated feelings of connectedness, compassion, and empathy.
  5. Feel energized, refreshed, and inspired as you connect deeper with an Infinite field of Love within and around you.

Your story is unique, so this program is tailored around you:

This program is not a one-size fits all approach. It is tailored around your unique story; your specific needs and challenges; and designed to produce results aligned to your personal goals.

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“After weeks of poor sleep, I was finally able to sleep well after this session.”

“I feel better after these practices than I do when I take a _____!” (redacted: well-known anti-anxiety medication)

“My head feels so clear after these practices.”

“Samier’s way of working is very beautiful and completely professional.

He shared a healing practice with me that involved breath and movement exercises through guided meditation. Throughout the practice I felt safe and contained.

He explained the dynamics of the work very clearly from the very beginning and it unfolded into a deep experience that made me appreciate life a lot more; and helped unblock specific energies within me.

I am very grateful for his teachings and I can highly recommend him to anyone interested in his work.



“I gained more peace and clarity through the breathing techniques and the movement practices. :)”

“I found new ways of releasing stress and connecting with my inner-self. I enjoyed it ♥”

“Feeling relaxed after learning new somatic practices. I learned that everything I need is already within me. I can always access the space within. Samier has a very grounding energy :)”

“Everything was excellent and it was emotional.”