Meet Samier

Recognized as a “Top Innovator and Disruptor”

Inspired by Divine Love and in service to the most extraordinary version of you.

I often look back at what I overcame in life and think to myself: If I can do this, anyone can.

I grew up a scared, sad, and anxious child. Adults around me questioned my mental capacity, and I was bullied in school. I faced regular verbal and physical harm from those who were supposed to protect me. I built up a layer of armor so thick that love did not go in, nor did it come out of me. I was afraid to take risks and make decisions for myself; and second-guessed myself and my abilities to my detriment. No doubt this impacted me greatly growing into my teenage and early adult years. You’d think this sensitive, wounded child would have been relegated to a life of mediocrity, at best.

One day I decided to stop faking it through life with a smile. I was tired of carrying the weight of unfulfilled dreams and repressed emotions. I challenged the sources of pain and gradually began to dissolve or transform them — one layer at a time — through the right understanding of my identity and purpose.

I no longer carry the sad and fearful child within me. He is loved and nurtured. The wounds have received great healing. Today I can genuinely laugh, smile, and dance through life with a sense of lightness, meaning, and inspired direction that comes from grounding myself — my spiritual identity — in Divine Love.

This is how I went from a hurt and timid child; to picking up a magazine as an adult with my face on the magazine covers or articles, with the words “World Changer,” “Top Innovator” or “Disruptor” scrolled above in bold lettering.

I am proof that there is a place in this world—and at the proverbial table—for sensitive souls.

I can say with confidence that our big heartedness and sensitivity are not liabilities; they are our biggest assets. They allow us to feel and perceive with great institution, precision, and compassion. This makes us a powerful and ethical agent for change and impact; and to hold loving space for those who have walked a challenging journey.

We each get to rewrite the story of our lives; and you, too, can be the pattern-breaker in your family.

Not only was I happier, healthier, and living more purposefully than ever before; but life itself began presenting opportunities for me to be of greater service for supporting, safeguarding, and healing others…

As I healed,

I was called into service…

…to bring safety and healing around the world.

I co-founded a mobile safety and security app with one of the survivors of the Virginia Tech massacre to help prevent school shootings, crimes, and sexual assaults on college campuses.

The app quickly grew to serve millions of people and their communities around the world. It was credited with preventing gun violence in schools; saved individuals from abduction; and prevented suicide. It was even used in an international terrorist attack to locate and secure our users.

Several years into building the app, I watched genocide unfold in the news. A million people were on the move from Myanmar into Bangladesh. Thousands of villagers had been brutally murdered within Myanmar through government sanctioned violence. My heart was deeply moved by the images of children clinging to their parents as they wade the dangerous trek into the refugee camps of Bangladesh. In that moment a voice spoke to me – “You can do something for the children.” I thought, “Why me? Is this even possible? What business do I have getting involved?”

As strange as this assignment was, I have learned not to question these calls of intuition.

Fast forward a few months and I found myself near the front lines of the massacre making an agreement with a former general for access to land to build a safe space to protect, educate, and support the healing of over 500 children impacted by trauma. One of the care-takers of the facility pointed out to the river below and said, “few months ago the bodies of children would wash up along the river banks” and today, the survivors were showing up to the facility that I helped found called the “Safe Haven.”

This mission grew over the next half decade to support children’s mental health in the most challenging or crisis-impacted environments around the world. I worked in partnership with the world’s largest humanitarian agencies, government agencies, and mission-led organizations to produce and deliver mental health video guidance from refugee camps and war zones to natural disaster sites; and orphanages and communities where children have faced sexual violence across three continents.

Called to step forward as a

Leadership and Life Success Coach

And then my intuition spoke again, “It’s time to share your learnings with others…the love, healing, and hope that is possible to all.”

So, here I am following this call. While I have been a coach and mentor to strivers, leaders, entrepreneurs and others for years now, I have now taken my practice public, as my full-time commitment in service to all those who wish to experience the truth of their identity and the fullness of their absolute potential.

This heart-led work was made possible through a dedicated mental and spiritual practice that equipped me with expansive insight, inner strength and resilience, and courage to affect change that can transform lives. There was a force that was so much bigger than me, working through me—I just had to cultivate my mind, heart and body to become a receptive vessel of its unfolding. In short, I needed to get out the way of myself; and let the true light within me shine in its fullness. I now teach this process to my clients: how a transformation of the self from within can create transformative impact in the world.

I take my work very seriously; and consider it a sacred mission to lead others effectively. I view my practice as an overflowing of God’s love, creative intelligence, and healing that is accessible to all.

My role is to be your advocate, your best supporter and encourager. To remind you of what is possible; what you are capable of; and to uplift your thoughts to a higher vantage point so you can see the most clear and efficient path to realize your goals, one by one—just as I did.


As we heal and blossom in love, truth, and purpose: Divine Love will flow through us to share its love, healing, and hope with people near you — and perhaps even to parts of the world that need it most.

Living Life on Target

Awards & Recognition

My proven track record of global impact as a serial social-impact entrepreneur earned me recognition by Washington Life Magazine as one of the “top innovators and disruptors” of Washington DC.

I over 40 international publications on topics ranging from mental health, personal-development; mental health; spirituality, and social and public policy.

My work has been featured on some of the most prominent global media and mental health platforms and publications — from Forbes and the LA Times and the US Department of State to The American Psychiatric Association — including on the TEDx stage.

I’ve served as a fellow at the PeaceTech at the US Institute of Peace, and the Halcyon House, among other institutions of public service and innovation. I have received certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) and neuroscience-backed, evidence-base mind-body practices for increased confidence, well-being, and stress reduction; among other well-being certifications.

I currently live between Washington DC and Bali. I sit on the board of educational institutions around the world, and am a leadership and life success coach in service to strivers, entrepreneurs, social impact, business, and government leaders.

My mission is inspired by Divine Love-to be in service to the most extraordinary version of you!

“I’ve had the unusual good luck to have many great mentors and soul mates.

Interestingly, these have usually been individuals that I worked with to achieve sea change outcomes – many global in scope. People like President Carter and Mrs. Carter in establishing the Carter Center.

Samier is someone I strove to help achieve significant goals; and in turn he wound up helping me find additional fulfillment in my own life. His totally unobtrusive interventions made my last 5 years better, more joyful, and more meaningful. He has added and awakened without judgement or pain. I value him the way I do my other great mentors. No one does anything alone.”