What I Know To Be True


What I know to be true…

  • Your dreams are there for a reason: They are a vision of what is possible, and meant to be achieved.
  • Your past can be overcome. Your story can be re-written. Your past need not hold you back.
  • The seed of success are already within you. You only need to learn how to water and nurture them into their blossoming.
  • You are worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving your goals.
  • You have access to a limitless source of strength, inspiration, and love that is able to meet ALL your needs.

I’m here for you: To walk with you and advocate for you with unparalleled support; effective results; and firm yet loving accountability

What makes me so passionate about this work is that I know the freedom, joy, and capacity for transformative change that is possible through the right understanding of one’s identity and absolute potential.

We do not need to live such small or mediocre lives, when we were created to express dominion over our circumstances. To live a life where you feel moved, inspired, and motivated to experience the fullness of your potential. Where joy, freedom, and abundance is not only possible, but is your birthright.

I believe that the seeds of greatness exist within each of us. It does not matter what circumstances we were born into; or what happened to us in the past.

Each one of us is capable of extraordinary healing; extraordinary growth; and extraordinary outcomes.

A process that’s designed to

Inspire, Elevate, and Produce Results

My process is designed to challenge limiting paradigms; elevate and inspire; and produce transformation in your life—and in the lives of those you will reach in your mission.

  1. I will take a stand and advocate your worthiness and ability to achieve your goals.
  2. I will share elevated perspectives that will help you rise above limitations and challenges.
  3. I lovingly hold you accountable, if and when necessary, so you demonstrate the results that I know you are capable of.
I consider it a sacred mission to guide you effectively. My role is to be your advocate, your greatest supporter and encourager. To remind you of what is possible; what you are capable of; and to uplift your thoughts to a higher vantage point so you can see the clear path to realize your goals.

It is my personal commitment to provide you with unparalleled coaching support, demonstrable results; and firm yet loving accountability. I will do my part, and you must be ready to do yours as well.

A Proven Process,

Tailored for Your Success

Working with me is an investment in the most excellent version of yourself.

My many years as a leader of a mental health non-profit; working for or with five government agencies; and as a board member to a prestigious academic institution has given me a strong ethic of public service to others, and for worthy causes.

My decade+ in the world of business and entrepreneurship has also taught me valuable lessons when it comes to investments, growth, and driving clear results.

Coaching is a premium investment that you make when we believe two things:

1. That you deserve extra-ordinary outcomes.

2. That you are capable of achieving extra-ordinary outcomes.

In other words, an investment in yourself is an act of faith in your potential.

A Process Designed to


Our universe is organized with a certain set of principles that govern the naturally abundant, harmonious, balanced order of all things.

If we understand these principals; and make choices that are consistent with these principles, then our lives too unfold in a more abundant, harmonious, and joyful manner.

I’ve come to see that most of us struggle through life not because of the circumstances or conditions we are born into; but because of the beliefs we chose to adopt along the way. These beliefs may have helped us survive the past; but that are no longer serving where we wish to go.

I work with the most useful, transformative, and time-tested ideas I know. For me that is Divine principles as articulated in the Scriptures, and the wisdom of the great sages and achievers of history. In a world where ideas come and go out of fashion, there is a reason the ideas I work with have stood the test of time: They work. They produce transformative outcomes. They stand the test of time.

I combine these principles with my direct experience as a recognized leader of innovation and entrepreneurship in the tech and mental health space.

My coaching process equips you with actionable guidance that will have you feeling empowered, equipped, and ready to take the next bold step in the direction of your goals. Are you ready to accept this invitation forward? If so, I’m here to serve you and your goals.


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